A Brief Introduction to D-haans Pharma (Pvt) Ltd

D-Haans Pharma Pvt Ltd ,was founded on the ,30 th  of June 2015,in Aberdeen , the Scotland . From its humble beginnings in The Scotland ,D-Haans Pharma is now supplying partners worldwide with veterinary products including veterinary medicines, feed additives and disinfectants. We offer our products to careful selected distributors worldwide in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and the Middle-East cars.


It is our mission to provide products by people you can rely on. We want to establish the same high quality in each and every one of our products. This is our obligation to both our customers and their animals.

To fulfill this mission our factories produce veterinary medicines according to GMP regulations and nutritional products according to GMP+ regulations. Our facilities are inspected yearly by our authorities which results into full GMP approval and GMP+ approval. To meet the clients demand we offer customized labeling and legitimate registration of every medicine, complying with international rules and regulations.

D-Haans  has attained this high quality standard by continuously researching and developing new products. Because only by improving our product line we can safeguard the health of animals in the future.

Our high standard are also reflected by our employees. We believe our people should be just as reliable as our products. The ongoing demand of our customers worldwide requires a trustworthy team and clear communication. D-Haans  offers reliable and efficient customer service while working together with many partners around the world.

A Message From CEO


It is our mission to provide products  you can rely on. We want to establish the same high quality in each and every one of our products. This is our obligation to both our customers and their animals. 

We realize that knowledge sometimes helps more than only offering a solution. Preventing the problem before it arises is why D-Haans not only provides veterinary medicines, but also manufactures nutritional products to keep animals healthy. D-Haans  is looking forward to the future, where we hope to meet new customers and have more animals benefit from our products.

Jahanzeb Shafaqat (CEO)

Why Choose Us


Create an environment that fosters creativity and openess to new ideas leading to advancement in skills technology and process—innovation

 Range of Products

With constant innovation and understanding of specific market needs, we have evolved a wide range of products to meet our customers’ diverse needs globally


 D-haans’s name has been synonymous with the trust and reliability inherent in the word Quality. Quality is ingrained in the work of our staff and all our Values.

Product Line